Shade and Light: Ruby Footpath in the streets

Myanmar, Yangon

The night following Tazaungmone full moon, ten years ago.

Walking in narrow streets, my attention was drawn to a few bright spots in the distance, lost in a deep darkness.

Just a child, you were at that time lighting candles with an utmost care, to form a dotted bright line leading to your parents' home.   

Lights in the darkness, celebrating Tazaungmone, the full moon marking the culminating point of the donations and offerings period. It was the expression of your culture, your identity, your faith. 

Where are you today? You certainly are part of the Generation Z, the one having in hands the future of your country. 

A future stolen on February 1st, 2021. A date also followed by the lighting of candles in the streets: this time in order to pay respect to those who fell, as did "Angel", shot down by the army.

Hope today? To see your victory, peace, freedom and the return of democracy in the country.




Shade and Light: Ruby Footpath in the streets