One week for Myanmar and Tibet

Château d'Idron, near Pau, South West of France, 9-15 of December 2021

Exhibition and sales for the benefit of

Myanmar people, c/o CBF - the Myanmar Community in France 

Tibetan refugees settled in India, c/o Apact 


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Five Colors

Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow......

Tibetan Refugees village of Mainpat, Chhattisgarh, India: Frescoes of the Old Monastery. 

December 7, 2020 to January 18, 2021. Virtual Exhibition and sale for the benefit ot Tibetan Refugees c/o Apact.

 Five Colors Announcement







Tibetan Mountains and Portraits

December 9 to 20, 2019 - for the benefit of Apact.

Maison de la Montagne, Cité des Pyrénées

29 bis Rue Berlioz - Pau, France

 Expo Montagnes et Portraits Tibetains


Faces from Asia

October 1 to 7, 2019 

Different sights: India, Myanmar, Lao, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippins, and Tibet.  

Held at the occasion of the annual event of Apact Association "the tibetan art of happiness and health".

MJC du Laü -  81 Avenue du Loup - Pau, France. 

Expo Asie des visages


Namtso, Visages du Tibet

Lons le Saunier, Jura, France, September 2018.

Photo exhibition with the support of Lions Club and Rotary, for the benefit of APACT

Association Paloise pour l'Art et la Culture du Tibet    

Namtso V5 Septembre 2018 Lons le Saunier Cho Oyu Format A4 en 72DPI


Contribution to "Energie lumineuse"

Chapelle de Persévérance, Pau, France, May 2016. Paintings of Tashi Norbu, tibetan artist meeting local artists.

One picture made available, at the benefit of APACT Association for Mainpat (India) Tibetan refugees. 



Chomolangma, Visages du Tibet

Chateau d'Idron, France, december 2015. Photo exhibition for the benefit of APACT

Association Paloise pour l'Art et la Culture du Tibet   

Idron Matrice Affiche Tibet choisie       

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Chomolangma, Faces from Tibet

Yangon, Myanmar, December 2014 

Photo exhibition for the benefit of Première Urgence Internationale (formerly PU-AMI)

   02 Annonce Expo Lab EN v3 72 DPI 21 1604 ONG EN OK de Gael v3 200dpi 1199 900 px qual 70   

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