Following "One week for Myanmar and Tibet", Myanmar pictures exhibited are displayed on this website. With the help of some additional pictures, the original exhibition has been slightly extended, to better illustrate the main themes. 

Named "Myanmar Spirit", it will - obviously - not be comprehensive.

It just intends to give a flavour of what I personnally feel as being "Burmese Soul", this specific way of living, way of being of the many different peoples of the country.  Something, this look in their eyes and their lifestyle, that makes you feel fondness for them..

To express this, eights themes will be released step by step by end december 2022 - early january 2023: Faces of Myanmar; Three Gems; In Monasteries and Pagodas; Shade and Light; Rituals and Traditions; Celebrations and Festivals; Myanmar Soul; and Gold, Purple and Moonshine.






Main focus: working on the content of a book. It will be dedicated to Myanmar, with the same spirit as this website. 

This website displays essentially pictures taken in South East Asia, and a few from other places.

Most of the pictures are captioned, to set them in their context. in some cases, related texts develop some aspects, circumstances, or experiences lived behind or beyond the shooting itself. In particular those relating with Tibet, the "People of the Eternal Land of Snowy Mountains", their culture and heritage. 

Among the countries I lived in, Myanmar and their people take a unique place in my mind. Through most of the pictures taken there, between 2000 and December 2018, compelling human-interest stories can be told. Trip scheduled in 2020 was not possible due to Covid pandemia. From February 1st, 2021, prevailing context has led to postpone any come back. Going back to Myanmar and staying there is my hope. 

The picture of the welcome page is one of those which strongly supports the spirit of this country.

The page "Exhibitions and Events" demonstrates the aims tied to modest realizations achieved with some pictures. They were carried out at the sole benefit of NGO's or charitable associations.