Rituals and traditions: a week made of eight days

Myanmar, in thousands of Payas. 

Almost all in Myanmar know which day of the week is their birthday. A week is made of eight days, wednesday being split in two, morning and afternoon. For each of the eight days, a given planet ("celestial body") and a protective animal are attached.

Being born on a tuesday means that Mars, and the "Chinthé", the protective lion, watch over you. Would it be saturday, then Saturn and the Naga, the Master of the Underground worlds do it.

In the Pagodas, eight small monuments, or steles, are located regularly around the stupa, on the platform.

Each of them features Budha; just behind Him, a standing statue of a Celestial Guard, and in the foreground, on the floor, a representation of the specific protective animal.

The custom is that people pour small cups of water on the stele. As many or slightly more than the number corresponding to the age of the person pouring them.

Water, to soften the fire of pain and sufferings of the life.

Rituals and traditions: a week made of eight days