Tazaungmone full moon

Myanmar, Yangon, Kyai Kasan township.

Tazaungmone is one of the full moons celebrated in Myanmar. 

This night, on the platform of the pagoda, myanmar women are working on their weaving looms, completing large pieces of high quality fabric. Those will be offered early morning, to dress the Buddha statues.

At the same time, others are lighting candles in small clay cups and align them on the ground. Forming curved letters with them, so that they end up as writings around the main stupa. 

The following night, the surroundings of the pagoda are still crowded with people: children rides animated by hand, fairstalls where people sell kitchenware, toys, or fried food.

A bit further, between small houses, a network of paths. In the darkness and silence, at the end of a path, a very young girl is devoting herself to light her candles of Tazaungmone.  

Nikon D800  AF-S  300mm f/2.8G II ED

Hand held - 1/60 - f2.8 - ISO 2000  




Tazaungmone full moon