Rituals and traditions: Shin Pyu

Myanmar, Yangon, in Shwe da Gon during Tabaung full moon day.

The period around new year or "Thingyan, the Water Festival, a time of renewal" is the appropriate moment for the "Shin Pyu Pwe". It is a celebration during which the children, around seven years old, have their first short stay, of approximately one week, in a monastery. 

Their Spiritual Master gave up His privileges and chose a path of poverty and renunciation. Shin Pyu illustrates this moment of life.

Make up on their face, the children arrive at the pagoda; in the past they did the journey on elephant's back or riding a horse; nowadays, and most often as today in Shwe Da Gon during Tabaung Full Moon, they sit on their father's shoulders. 

The day after, he will become novice monk, his head be shaven, walking barefoot and experiencing a life made of alms.



Rituals and traditions: Shin Pyu