Kora around the Pelkhor

Tibet, Gyangtse.

Around the Kumbum, large stupa made of nine levels and seventy six chapels, tibetan pilgrims practice their Kora. Circling clockwise, they rotate series of praying wheels.

The traditional praying wheel is a cylinder containing Mantras, which has to be moved by hand around its axis. Rotating from left to right, the Mantra is "read" in the same way as it was written........

For believers, putting in action the praying wheel has the same spiritual value as to recite the prayer of the Mantra, which spreads in the air as if it was actually pronounced.


Nikon D800 - AF-S 70-200mm

116mm - 1/100 - f5.6 - ISO 160

Kora around the Pelkhor