Khampa back from Ron Pu

On his chinese motorbike bought in town, he remains faithful to traditions of the Kham, wearing a yack bone and a red piece of fabric in his braided hair.

He is riding back from the tent village located at the foot of Mount Everest. This name given in 1865 was making reference to Sir George Everest after his successful conduct of the great survey of India and Himalayas.

It is said that one failed at this time to give a local name to the mountain.

Tibetan people call the world's tallest peak "Chomolangma", what means "Abode of the Mother Goddess of the Universe", and "Mother Goddess of the Wind, or of the Mountains".  


Nikon D800 - AF-S 70-200mm

185mm - 1/160 - f22 - ISO 125


Khampa back from Ron Pu