Facing the Jokhang

Tibet, Lhassa, in the Barkhor, 

Pilgrims come down to Lhassa, to end in the Barkhor district, in front of the Jokhang, first buddhist temple built in Tibet, in 639. 

Most of them practice their Kora around the temple. In this district, which used to be very popular, half of the traditional houses have been destroyed, and narrow streets renovated. 

This woman faces the temple, motionless. She joins her hands on her forehead, to invoke the Gods, then she falls on her knees and prostrates. Standing again on her feet, she reiterates the gesture at the same place, besides praying flags and their messages of peace.

Tibet today is no longer the one experienced by Alexandra David Neel, but in spite of all changes, this woman still demonstrates her faith, fervour, and heritage.


Nikon D800 - AF-S 70-200mm

165mm - 1/125 - f9 - ISO 200


Facing the Jokhang